The Phillies Are Phalling Into Rock Bottom

P1There’s a great quote from the legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi once screaming “What the hell is going on out there?!” Yea, that applies to the Phillies because this team is downright pitiful.

I was excited about this baseball season because I was eager to see how this team could come together, the young guys could showcase their talent, and Philadelphia could get in love with baseball again. The first month of April had a lot of promise, but this month of May has been as bad as it can get. The Phillies are currently 17-33 and on pace to lose 106 games which only three teams have done since World War freakin II. The team can’t pitch, the team can’t hit and the team can’t even draw a crowd out on beautiful evenings, something 9 years ago was packed and filled with energy. Who’s to blame? What’s to blame? Is there any fixing this monstrosity?!

P2First and foremost I’ve seen enough from this unit right now. Odubel Herrara has completely fallen out of favor. He doesn’t hustle and my god his bat is as cold as Mr. Freeze’s ice blaster. He’s batting .217, I mean for a guy who was just handed a lucrative contract, that’s pathetic. Maikel Franco is not what he was made up to be. To be honest, I always had some insecurities with him. He loves to swing for the fences instead of swinging to get on base. His defense is solid, but for a guy who was thought to be the power of the future lineup, he’s been a complete disappointment; very Dom Brown like. Free agent acquisition Howie Kendrick can’t even stay healthy, but that has paved the way for Aaron Altherr to showcase his talents. Altherr is one of the VERY few bright spots as he’s batting .302 with 8 homers and 27 RBIs. He’s shown enough that I’d argue he should be your everyday right fielder. Tommy Joseph and Cesar Hernandez have also swung the bat very well but you simply cannot have three guys being the only ones who show up. That’s disgusting.

OHHow does this get fixed? It’s simple. Call up the young guys in the minors NOW, and let them showcase what they’ve got. Lately, I’ve been a big believer in patience and trusting a process but this is bad. Baseball is a 162 game regular season spanning from the beginning of April to the end of September. In that time, really only the NHL playoffs are worth watching because the NBA is just the Cavs and Warriors. All the good tv series’ are on their summer hiatus and I just want to watch a good local baseball game, not this dumpster fire. It’s time to give the guys like Jorge Alfaro, JP Crawford, Rhys Hoskins, Dylan Cozens and Nick Williams a chance to shine. I’m not expecting them all to be the next Mike Trouts or Migues Cabreras, but they need their chance because this current unit is laughable.

If by now I haven’t given enough adjectives to describe how bad the Phillies have been, maybe you’ll want to watch it for yourself and if you last more than two innings, you’re doing better than me. The Phillies probably won’t make any July 31st splashes in terms of the trade deadline, unless its them selling off some of their veteran pieces, so it’s time to position themselves to make this team more attractive to free agents. Next winter the big names of Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw and Andrew McCutchen all hit the free agent market. If the minor leaguers show up and play, it makes it more likely some of those guys would want to sign with the Phillies as they would be the final piece. If the Phillies continue on this disastrous, downward spiral, no one on God’s green earth would even consider coming here, even for a $500 million dollar pay day. One last thing to consider; the Eagles are positioning themselves to start getting in the contender conversation, the Sixers are becoming that fun, young exciting team in the city and the Flyers scored the number two overall pick and have a chance to call up their young guys to inject more life to the team. The Phillies better consider getting this rebuild on some jet fuel, or they’re going to be the forgotten ones in the city of Philadelphia sports.



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