Cavs Warriors III Prediction

It’s here, well, kinda. Tomorrow night at 9, the Warriors and the Cavs will tip off for game 1 of the highly anticipated Finals matchup. It’s the rubber match, the do or die, legacy maker or breaker. Who will come out on top? Who has what it takes? This is my overview on the Finals and the team that will prevail.

The Warriors:

StephFirst, let’s start with the boys out west. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. We once talked about “The Big 3” in basketball, referencing the Celtics, Spurs and Heat teams from years past. Now, we’re looking at four superstars on one team who can dominate anyone at anytime. Steph Curry is a lights out shooter, even the dumbest of basketball fans could tell you that. His “splash” brother, Klay Thompson, is a deadly shooter as well. The focus of the Warriors in this series will undoubtedly be Kevin Durant. Durant shocked the NBA world when he jumped ship from the Oklahoma City Thunder last July and signed with the Warriors. He chose the easier route, the route that would position him better to win his first ring. When he was once a member of the Thunder, he lost in a Finals series in 2012 to LeBron James when James was a member of the Heat. All that talk and all that action in ditching OKC will now be under a heavy microscope as Durant has the best supporting cast around him that he could possibly ask for.

Draymond Green is my “X Factor” in this series. The Cavs will do whatever it takes to limit Curry and Thompson from going ballistic on the three point shot. Durant will surely be covered by LeBron, a matchup that will have all eyes on it. Kevin Love of the Cavaliers will probably be tasked in covering Draymond Green. Green is smaller than Love, but his overall game outweighs that of Love’s. If Green gets hot early and stays hot, the Cavs will be in trouble.

The Cavaliers:

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks - Game OneI’ve spent enough time listening to the nonsense of LeBron vs. Michael Jordan as the greatest ever. It’s irritating. Why can’t we just enjoy good basketball from good players. Good? Excuse me; legendary players. LeBron did the same thing as Durant in 2010 when he signed with the Heat. He won his two rings in 2012 and 2013 finally getting that coveted award of a championship player. He then turned around to rejoin his hometown Cavs, won a championship last year, after losing the first matchup against Golden State in 2015. The same team that won a championship last year returns, with the addition of sharpshooter Kyle Korver who gives the Cavs their “Klay Thompson” and can take the pressure off of the inside game. Kyrie Irving is capable of covering and playing well against Curry, I’m sure he’ll have his own when it comes down to it. JR Smith is a capable shooting guard and an excellent defender who will have the duty of locking down Thompson. As I mentioned, it’ll be LeBron vs. Durant and Love vs. Draymond Green. The Cavs have the upper hand at big man, in my opinion with Tristian Thompson. Thompson is a tenacious rebounder and a phenomenal defender and should be able to limit Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia.

The Prediction:

LeBron James is arguably this generation’s best athletes. Sue me for saying it. The guy has accomplished the universe at this point but now, his quest to give Cleveland that repeat is Kevin Durant; a player who has accomplished a lot as well, but is searching for his first championship. Durant endured a lot of criticism for ditching OKC to “take the easy way out” to win a championship. Some of that criticism, I believe, is fair. But I’m willing to bypass it if Durant shows up. In that 2012 matchup with OKC and Miami, Durant was absent and it completely killed the Thunder. Sure, if Durant has a bad game, he as Curry, Thompson and Green to pick up the slack, but this Finals is about HIM. It’s about KD. All the talk on LeBron is justifiable, but KD is the one who we should be talking about. He’s the one who joined forces with the “dark side” to win a championship. I have to believe he’s hungry. I have to believe he wants to be in the “Legends” conversation.

KDI have all the respect for the Cavs, as much as I get bored watching them destroy the Eastern Conference. LeBron is a no-brainer hall of famer. LeBron is Superman to the Cavs, as KD is Iron Man to the Warriors. Superman can be beaten, but it takes patience, it takes getting knocked down, standing back up, and hitting back harder. It takes a will to dominate and be the best man. It takes using every resource and ounce of talent you have. KD is going to need to find that Kryptonite and with the wealth of knowledge and resources Tony Stark has, I believe KD will rise to the occasion and help carry his “Avengers” to another championship.

Warriors in 6


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