A Way Too Early Prediction On The Eagles 2017 Schedule


Yesterday was a fun day for football fans as the 2017 regular season schedule was announced. During our podcast show, I checked in on how the Eagles schedule would shake out and it definitely looks like it will be a fun, but interesting campaign. One thing I love is that people always try to predict the wins and losses, without remembering there’s the draft and training camp to get through first. I do this, I won’t lie so let’s look at how the Eagles will finish in 2017 given what they have now and assuming they add more valuable players in the draft.

Week 1: @Washington Redskins (Loss)

The Eagles haven’t beaten the Redskins in the last two years so right now, I’ll have the opener as a loss. The Redskins, while losing DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, added Terrelle Pryor and still have Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson and Jordan Reed for Kirk Cousins to throw too. I would expect Washington to add a back and more defensive help in the draft too. Until the Eagles beat the Skins, the Skins will have their number in my predictions

Week 2: @ Kansas City Chiefs (Loss)

It’s the Jedi Master vs. the Jedi Apprentice; Andy Reid vs. Doug Pederson for the first time since Pederson left KC for Philadelphia. The Chiefs have a very stingy defense and could make things tough for Carson Wentz. I’ll also give the nod to Andy Reid having the upper hand on Pederson in their first game. It also doesn’t help that the Chiefs home field advantage is one of the bst in the league.

Week 3: New York Giants (Win)

I can’t see the Eagles starting 0-3 and they have always played the Giants tough. This will be a humdinger of a game especially if the Eagles add some corners in the draft to hopefully limit Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall. I see the Eagles rising up at their first home game and getting back on track.

Week 4: @ Los Angeles Chargers (Win)

Traveling to the West Coast is always tough, but the Chargers are rebuilding and are a huge question mark heading into 2017. They’re opening their inaugural season in LA and I’m sure it’ll be a tough transition for them. With that being said I think the Eagles come in and shut down the Chargers.

Week 5: Arizona Cardinals (Win)

The Cardinals should be a better team in 2017 and they still have David Johnson and a tough defense. The Eagles are historically bad against the Cardinals when they’re on the road, but do much better against them at home. Hopefully with an improved defense, the Eagles will be able to get to Carson Palmer and limit David Johnson in the run game. It’ll be a tough battle, but with the Eagles at home, they should get the W.

Week 6: @ Carolina Panthers (Loss)

This will be a Thursday night battle and assuming the Eagles play a tough game against Arizona, they would be likely to drop this one on a short week. I expect Carolina to be much better next season and have more defensive pieces and weapons for Cam Newton. The short week, like I said, is what kills the Eagles here.

Week 7: Washington Redskins (Win)

Finally a win against the Skins. On a Monday Night battle here, the Eagles show up on primetime and shut down the Redskins, getting their fourth win in a tough divisional race.

Week 8: San Francisco 49ers (Win)

The Niners are awful and are in a rebuild. Depending on what they do in the draft, they could be better but with this being at home and coming off of a divisional win against the Skins, the Eagles ride the momentum in a huge, blowout win.

Week 9: Denver Broncos (Win)

Denver might have one of the league’s best defenses but it seems they’re relying on Trevor Siemian at quarterback. Their offense has pieces, but they’ll struggle and that’s where the Eagles can take advantage. This has the makings of a low scoring game and I think if the Eagles can sneak a coupe of big plays off of the Denver defense, they should win their final game before the BYE week.

Week 10: BYE Week (Love the later BYE)

Week 11: @ Dallas Cowboys (Win)

The first meeting against the Cowboys on Sunday Night football should prove to be another wild game between the rivals. The Eagles actually seem to do better in Dallas especially on primetime and given that they get 2 weeks to prepare for their foes, they should be able to be well rested and ready to go. I have a feeling too, that the Eagles will rally around Carson Wentz and help him show up Dak and Zeke’s Cowboys.

Week 12: Chicago Bears (Win)

Alshon Jeffery goes against his former team and I have to believe (assuming he’s not suspended or injured at this time) he’ll be ready to put on a show. The Bears are a bad team and rebuilding and the Eagles should be able to take advantage of that.

Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks (Loss)

The win streak is snapped here seeing as playing in Seattle is tough and with the playoffs looming, Seattle always turns it onto another gear. With it being a Sunday Night game, the world will be watching and seeing if the Eagles can hang with the big boys, but for now, I have them just losing a close game and exciting game.

Week 14: @ Los Angeles Rams (Win)

At least the Eagles won’t have to travel far from Seattle to LA and with the Rams being another rebuilding team, the Eagles should grab the W. The Rams have a tough defense but at this point, I’m banking on the Eagles defense coming together to carry them into the playoff race.

Week 15: @ New York Giants (Loss)

With the NFC East likely going to be a 3 team race (Eagles, Cowboys, Giants) this game could have a lot of ramifications for the winner and loser. The Giants at home late in the season are always very tough, even though the Eagles seem to beat them when they face off late in the year, but with the defense and weapons the G-Men have, I can see them getting the win here.

Week 16: Oakland Raiders (Win)

This game will be played on Monday night, Christmas night, and the Eagles could give themselves a nice gift knocking off one of the premier teams in the league. If the Eagles are in the thick of the playoff race, the Linc will be lit up and rocking and I’d expect the Eagles to feel the same energy. Oakland will play the Eagles tough, but with the playoffs right around the corner at this point, I think Carson Wentz delivers a little Christmas miracle and nabbing a huge win.

Week 17: Dallas Cowboys (Win)

New Years Eve. The division likely going to the winner of the game. Dallas in Philadelphia. It has all the makings of a damn good game and a chance for the Eagles to 1. Win the NFC East 2. Send Dallas home and give Philadelphia a huge New Year’s celebration and 3. Assert themselves a legitimate playoff threat. This won’t be that 44-6 game as I think it’ll be much closer than that but it will no doubt be a chance for the Eagles to send a message.

Final Record: 11-5

Again, this is a mere prediction and it’s before the NFL Draft and training camp where there could be significant injuries or whatever the case may be. I’m going off of the assumption that the Eagles front office does their job come Draft weekend and the team stays relatively healthy. I agree it’s a bold prediction, but this team should have the pieces after all is said and done to rise to the occasion and get back into the playoffs for the first time in 4 years.


*We do not own the media posted. It is for entertainment and is property of the NFL and the like.




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