Final Eagles Mock Draft 2017


The Eagles are in position to really add to a core that surprised in 2016. Given that the team finally found a franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz, it’s time this team puts more pieces around him, especially pieces that can have an immediate impact. If you’ve listened to our podcast, you’ve undoubtedly heard me claim this draft is crucial for the Eagles going forward. This is my final mock before the big night in Philly come April 27th and I think if this were to pan out, you’re talking about a playoff caliber team come next January.

Marlon1st Round, 14th overall: Marlon Humprhey- Cornerback (Alabama)

Marlon Humphrey fits the bill as a wonderful first round pick. First, he’s a corner which is something the Eagles clearly need. Second, he plays a physical brand of corner and excels in man-to-man coverage something defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz relies on in this defense. I love what Humphrey brings to the table and I think he could be a true, shut down corner in this system.

Sid2nd Round 43rd overall: Sidney Jones- Cornerback (Washington)

Sidney Jones should be a top 10 pick in this draft. If you don’t believe me look at his highlights on YouTube, the guy reminds me of Darrelle Revis in his prime. The reason he falls is he tore his achilles tendon back in early March at the combine. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery and with that being said, having Humphrey and Jones gives the Eagles TWO, young corners who could shutdown any opposing receiver. Kinda like how the team went with Bobby Taylor/Troy Vincent in 1996 and Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown in 2003; only Humphrey and Jones could be better than both of those duos.

D3rd Round 99th overall: D’Onta Foreman- Runningback (Texas)

The Eagles need a runningback and Foreman might not be Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook but he would be an excellent addition to what the Eagles do. He has decent hands out of the backfiled, is a solid blocker and can run the ball. This would give Doug Pederson and the offense the ability to platoon Foreman and Wendell Smallwood as the next duo of the Eagles backfield while Darren Sproles takes on the mentoring role for the year.

Tyus4th Round 118th overall: Tyus Bowser- Linebacker (Houston)

The Eagles need some depth at linebacker and Mychal Kendricks has popped up in trade rumors. At this point, I’d take a 7th for Kendricks to dump him seeing as he doesn’t fit this defense. Bowser is an ascending prospect who is a great tackler and run stopper. He could do more with his pass rush and cover skills but this is a pick where the Eagles can use his pass rush ability right off of the bat while they work with him on his cover skills. It would give the Eagles a trio of nice, young linebackers for a while.

Eddie Jacksomn4th Round 139th overall: Eddie Jackson- Safety (Alabama)

The Eagles might have Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod at safety but beyond them, there’s no depth. Jenkins will be 29 at next season’s end so finding a younger guy has to be on the table. Eddie Jackson has fantastic cover skills as a safety and would really give the Eagles a lot of flexibility in the secondary. Jenkins could drop down in coverage and Jackson could slide in at Malcolm’s spot. It can’t hurt to address a position that is getting older and has nothing behind it right now and Jackson would be a great value pick here.

Switz5th Round 155th overall: Ryan Switzer- Wide Receiver (North Carolina)

Another topic of trade conversation has been Jordan Matthews. I like him and hope the Eagles keep him but my mind thinks they won’t want to pay him AND Alshon Jeffery if Matthews has a huge year. Even if they keep Matthews, I love Switzer. Think Wes Welker; small white dude who has solid speed and hands and could play the slot nicely. It just gives Carson Wentz another option, and one who could dominate the slot receiver position with everyone worrying about Jeffery, Matthews (if they keep him) and Torrey Smith.

Keionta Davis6th Round 194th overall: Keionta Davis- Defensive End (Chattanooga)

Not much to say here other than the Eagles adding a defensive end late here. Davis is well built with adequate power at the point of attack and would just give the Eagles another body on the pass rush department. Nothing wrong with adding a guy who could compete and push some of the veterans…like Vinny Curry

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Florida7th Round 230th overall: David Sharpe- Offensive tackle (Florida)

The Eagles get another offensive lineman who could compete for a roster spot. Sharpe is built well and gives the Eagles more depth to an already deep offensive line


Well there you have it. I hope the Eagles take this mock and use it because I think this would be an A+ draft. Knowing the Eagles they’ll surprise us all. Just please don’t take Joe Mixon, because I don’t want him associated with this team. Thank you. And Fly Eagles Fly!


*We do not own the media posted. It is for entertainment and is property of the NFL and the like.


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